Dharrmbungi Marrangigi – Learning together

oneland respects and treasures the 60,000 years of knowledge and heritage in Australia.

oneland promotes reconciliation and Indigenous social justice and humanitarian objectives through sports, education and the arts.

oneland opens an awareness to situations that may generally be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

oneland Programs brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities together.

Arts Programs

Welcomes social enterprise for Indigenous

artists and craftsmen

Education and Community

Opening awareness to situations that may generally be misinterpreted or misunderstood

Cultural Events

Creating spontaneous community change,

and a forum for deeper conversation.

School Sports Programs

Bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities together through sport.

Cultural Advisors & the Board

Nanna Gurruwiwi

Yolgnu Elder, Arnhem land

Cultural Advisor

Col Hardy OA

Gamilaraay Elder


Ernie Dingo AM


Ambassador, Cultural Advisor and Australian National Living Treasure


Feli McHughes

Ngemba Elder

Cultural Advisor and Environmentalist

Helena Geiger


Cultural Advisor & Artist

Frank Zipfinger


Richard Walsh


David Agoston

Ambassador & Director

Susie Agoston

Founder, CEO

Susie has been honourably adopted
into the Yolgnu Gurruwiwi family,
her skin name is Wamatji

ONELAND PROGRAMS LTD is a not for profit REGISTERED CHARITY dependant on philanthropic support, donations and volunteers

With thanks